What Lies Beneath  $3,250

Acrylic on Canvas

18" x 36"

Original Prices Available on Request

"Who is the beauty and who is the beast? Living here in Florida, I often see alligators basking on the banks of the Myakka River and see patterns of life from their perspective. The spoonbill adds a softer, gentler aspect to the painting...but things could change in a heartbeat!"

Sarasota Bay  $5,750

Acrylic on Board

24" x 48"

Swept Away  $14,000

Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 78"

Red Eared Slider $2,250

Acrylic on Canvas

15" x 30"

The Lotus and the Cuban $1,800

Acrylic on Board

24" x 15"

Green Sea Turtle $7,200

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 60"

Linda Thompson

Lunch Bunch $4,350

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 36"

Beauty of the Beast $1,300

Acrylic on Board

13" x 20"